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ABOUT US is a Sports and Special Event Insurance specialist. We are unique in our approach and hold ourselves to the highest standards of customer service with the most competitive pricing available in the market. Our use of technology has enabled us to consolidate certain niche markets and create more comprehensive programs for our clients.
Always at the forefront in the development of new products we have also developed a distribution channel, which allows easy access to our personnel for individuals and Brokers alike. If you are looking for insurance with people that understand your industry, please complete our application, give us a call, or email us , and we will be happy to guide you through your risk analysis.
Regards from the team!
Our Corporate Mission was established in 1997. Giving rise to Sportsinsurance Hawaii in 2011, the Objective has always been to become the global leader of the Sports Insurance Industry. Our goal is to provide the insurance market with new and innovative products, leading edge technology, supported by a team of dedicated professionals focusing on the Sport, Special Event, Prize and Contingency Markets.
If you are seeking Sports or Event insurance, find out how and why we can help you save money, time and worry.